Oil Filtration Systems

Oil Filtration Systems

Hydrocarbons, which are contained in transformer oil, at relatively low temperatures and in the absence of oxygen should not be subject to change. Cases of darkening of light petroleum products were attributed to insufficiently complete removal of oxygen. But if we talk about hermetic transformers, then it should be noted that there is little oxygen in their oil.


Polycyclic aromatic and naphthenic-aromatic hydrocarbons are capable of passing into a radical state bypassing dissociation. As a result, biradicals are formed, which condense. This releases hydrogen.


Those. in sealed transformers containing aromatic hydrocarbons, an aging process of oil with hydrogen may be observed. In parallel, coloring products appear that increase the tangent of dielectric losses.


The oxidation process can be abruptly slowed down if the fraction of saturated hydrocarbons is injected with up to 10% aromatic, without side chains, or hydrocarbons that contain phenyl radicals.


Equally important is the understanding of whether to leave a certain amount of tar in the oil?


Here we must remember that if some types of tar are excessively removed from transformer oil, then its stability against oxidation decreases sharply.


The optimum cleaning depth also depends on the conditions of oil oxidation. Their high stability in harsh conditions (large amounts of oxygen, high temperatures) will be achieved only when the amount of aromatic hydrocarbons of a certain structure and resinous substances is optimal. Under milder conditions of oxidation (relatively low temperature, “oxygen starvation”), the stability of the oil will be achieved only when it contains less aromatic hydrocarbons and a small amount of tar.


Thus, we come to the main conclusion. Electrical insulating oils have a high stability of electrochemical and electrophysical indicators, therefore, during operation, their cleaning should be deeper than that of conventional lubricating oils. The use of CMM-0.6can significantly extend the service life of electrical insulating oils. Oil filtration system is available in two versions: stationary (in a container, on a frame, under an awning) and mobile (on wheels, on a trailer).


The oil station is easy to maintain and operate. By purchasing this equipment, you get the opportunity to regenerate not only insulating, but also turbine, industrial oils, heating oil. The processed product is clarified by removing from it the products of aging, acids, alkalis and other substances that reduce the performance properties of the processed raw materials.


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